Stone Coverage Reference

We've already done the math for you

Cubic Yards to Square Feet*

1cy = length X width X depth divided by 27
Total Depth in Inches Total Square Feet (converted)
1″ 324 Sq. Ft.
2″ 162 Sq. Ft.
3″ 108 Sq. Ft.
4″ 81 Sq. Ft.
5″ 67 Sq. Ft.
6″ 54 Sq. Ft.

Material Coverage*

Unit Size Total Coverage at 2″ deep
22 LB. Bag 1.5 Sq. Ft.
4 LB. Bag .25 Sq. Ft.

* Please note:

material coverage is approximate and varies amoung aggregates. Please use this only as a reference. Contact our staff for all final quotes.

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