Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions, answered...
Do you have a store, when are you open?

Yes! Our rock yard is located at 14650 SW 177 Avenue, in Miami, Florida 33196. We are open Tuesday through Friday from 7am to 3pm. Saturdays we are open from 8am to 3pm. (EST) We are closed Sunday’s and Monday’s.

Why are there no prices on the website? How are rocks priced?

Every project is unique and our pricing structure is based on volume. Pricing is based one the type of stone and quantity purchased. We have material by the pound, bag, yard, ton, or truck. Please call for assistance, we have a rock for every budget!

Do you deliver, what are your delivery fees?

Yes! We can help coordinate deliveries for you on a dump or flatbed truck. Deliveries are handled by independent truckers. Their fees are based on distance and weight. Prices will vary.

How many rocks will my project need?

We have a ‘calculator page’ to help you calculate square footage of an area. Remember to also calculate the depth of rock you will need. We have a knowledgeable staff that can help you best determine your rock quantities.

Are rocks safe for my yard?

YES! Rocks are naturally slip resistant, insect-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and rocks will last forever!

Why rocks instead of mulch or grass?

Rocks have many desirable qualities like, EXTRA long life, durable, easy to install and maintain, will not run-off during strong rains or winds, offer drainage, it’s insect-free, and it remains beautiful and clean even after years of enjoyment.

Do rocks cost more or less than mulch?

Believe it or not, less! Initially rocks could cost more, however by the time you factor in replenishing the mulch (including labor costs), you could end up saving a ton of money with rocks. chart