Our Story

Our story begins with Bernie Ortega, a Cuban-born American by choice. He began his dream in 1975 with a simple truck, trailer and lawn mower.  Soon after his humble beginnings, he grew his business to several large trucks, various tractors and teams of foremen and laborers to work on projects ranging from multi-million dollar highrises to large, expansive shopping centers. What started as a one acre landscaping company quickly became a ten acre respectable landscape and design business. Bernie Ortega’s ambitions and visions got him voted in as President of the Florida Nursery,  Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA).

Today Bernie Ortega has taken his years of experience and love for nature to new levels. We are happy to offer you some of the most beautiful and elusive stones from around the world. His new venture brings to you what is normally out of reach within remote places around the world, to just a click away from your back yard.

We hope you enjoy the beauty within these natural stones and welcome them with as much excitement as we have to offer them to you!